Package com.singularsys.jepexamples.diagnostics

Examples that serve as diagnostic tools.


Class Summary
ExamineResultTypes Class to examine the results types of the various operators and function.
ExamineSizes Used to examine the memory used to initialise a Jep instance.
ParseSpeed Tests the speed of parsing.
SpeedTest Compares the speed of evaluation between different evaluation schemes.
SpeedTest.BDConfig Configuration using the BDConfig
SpeedTest.EvaluationConfig Basic class to set the evaluation context
SpeedTest.JepConfig Standard Jep configuration (with FastEvaluator)
SpeedTest.OldConfig Configuration using the StandardEvaluator
SpeedTest.Outputter Different output methods
SpeedTest.RatioOutputter Print detailed ratios for each run.
SpeedTest.RealConfig Configuration using the RealEvaluator
SpeedTest.TabOutputter Print output tab separated.
ThreadTest Testing thread safety, using Taylor approximation to ln(x).

Package com.singularsys.jepexamples.diagnostics Description

Examples that serve as diagnostic tools.

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