Package com.singularsys.jep.misc

Miscellaneous components.


Class Summary
CaseInsensitiveFunctionTable A version of a function table which is case insensitive.
CaseInsensitiveVariableTable A Variable table which ignores case.
ExtendedOperatorSet A example of an OperatorSet which demonstrates some features.
ExtendedOperatorSet.Factorial Simple implementation of factorial, good up to 20!
FunctionSet Holds a set of functions.
LightWeightComponentSet A lightweight set of components reusing components from an existing Jep instance.
MacroFunction A function specified by a string.
NullParser A Parser which cannot actually parse expressions.
VariableTableObserver Base class for observing Variables and the VariableTable.

Enum Summary

Package com.singularsys.jep.misc Description

Miscellaneous components. These can be added using jep.addComponent().

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