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All products are available by download after the payment has been received. Note that a PayPal account is not required to make a purchase using the PayPal service.

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Jep Java

# Product License type Price PayPal
1082 Jep Java 4.0 Binary $550.00
1081 Jep Java 4.0 Source code + Binary $950.00
1080 Jep Java 4.0 Upgrade - Binary $190.00
1079 Jep Java 4.0 Upgrade - Source code + Binary $300.00
1078 Jep Java 4.0 Upgrade - Binary to Source $400.00
1084 Jep 4.0 + Extensions 2.1 Binary $950.00
1083 Jep 4.0 + Extensions 2.1 Source code + Binary $1640.00
1087 Extensions 2.1 Source code + Binary $690.00
1085 Jep 4.0 + Extensions 2.1 Upgrade - Source code + Binary $520.00


# Product License type Price PayPal
1057 Jep.Net 1.1 Binary $550.00
1058 Jep.Net 1.1 Source code $950.00


# Product License type Price PayPal
1008 AutoAbacus 1.0 Binary $700.00
1007 AutoAbacus 1.0 Source code $1100.00
1006 AutoAbacus 1.0 Student, source code $200.00

Discontinued Products

# Product License type Price PayPal
1041 Jep 2.4.1 Binary $550.00
1042 Jep 2.4.1 Source code $950.00
1046 Jep Java 2.4.1 Upgrade - Binary $190.00
1047 Jep Java 2.4.1 Upgrade - Source code $300.00
1043 Jep w/ Extensions (2.4.1 and 1.1.1) Binary $700.00
1044 Jep w/ Extensions (2.4.1 and 1.1.1) Source code $1200.00
1056 Jep w/ Extensions (2.4.1 and 1.1.1) Upgrade - Binary $240.00
1055 Jep w/ Extensions (2.4.1 and 1.1.1) Upgrade - Source code $390.00

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Note that all licenses above are site-licenses, meaning that you can install the software on any number of computers on your premises.

Full-version benefits

  • Permission of use in proprietary applications
  • Site license (i.e. use on all computers on your premises)
  • Allows unlimited royalty-free distribution of your end-user product
  • Updates to bug fixes and feature enhancements
  • Priority e-mail support

View the Jep license agreement for details on the rights granted to you.

Upgrade Policy

License holders are entitled to free updates for bug fixes and minor feature enhancements. For example if you purchase Jep 3, you will be notified upon the release of Jep 3.1 and can update the package at no cost.

To upgrade from a previous major release (for example Jep 2.3.1) to Jep 3, you are required to purchase an upgrade license. You may not upgrade from the GPL releases, as the upgrade license only is valid if you have previously purchased a commercial license.

Purchase and Delivery Procedure

If you chose to make your payment through PayPal, you will be connected to the secure PayPal site after clicking the Order button. You can either pay using an existing PayPal account or simply enter your credit card information. The delivery email will be sent to the email address you use at PayPal.

After completing the order on the PayPal site, you will be redirected back to the Singular Systems web site. You will be presented with a download link which you can use to download your order. An email is also sent with the same download link in case you need to download the product again in the future.

Alternate Payment Methods

We also accept payment via cheque or bank transfer if you issue a purchase order. Please mail or fax the purchase order and include:

  1. Product number, name and version number
  2. Delivery e-mail address and contact name

Bank transfer details will be included with the invoice.


We welcome resellers to contact us regarding reseller pricing and terms. Please send and email or call for more information.