Package com.singularsys.jep

The main package containing the Jep class as well as other core classes.


Interface Summary
EmptyOperatorTable.OperatorKey All operators enums must implement this interface.
Evaluator Defines a method which can be used to evaluate a part of a node-tree.
JepComponent Base interface for all Jep components (parsers, evaluators etc).
NumberFactory This interface can be implemented to create numbers of any object type.
Parser Defines the methods a parser must implement.
ParserVisitor Classes which wish to use the visitor pattern should use this interface.
PostfixMathCommandI All function classes must implement this interface to ensure that the run() method is implemented.
PrintVisitor.PrintRulesI This interface specifies the method needed to implement a special print rule.

Class Summary
ComponentSet Collects all the components which make up the Jep system.
EmptyOperatorTable A base class for operator tables, this class has no pre-defined operators.
FunctionTable A table holding details of the functions known to Jep.
Jep The Jep class is the main interface with which the user should interact.
NodeFactory This class is used to create nodes of specified types.
Operator An Operator with additional information about its commutativity etc.
OperatorTable2 An operator table where operators are identified by enums.
PrintVisitor Prints an expression with configuration options.
PrintVisitor.StdElePrintRule Prints an list access in form a[3] or for multidimensional access use the list syntax.
PrintVisitor.StdListPrintRule Prints a list of elements using '[' and ']' as delimiters and ',' as a separators.
Variable Information about a variable.
VariableFactory A factory class which is used to create variables.
VariableTable A table of variables.

Enum Summary
OperatorTable2.BasicOperators The basic arithmetic comparative and logical operators
OperatorTable2.PsudoOperators Operators which do not correspond to
OperatorTable2.SpecialOperators Special purpose operators

Exception Summary
EvaluationException Exceptions thrown during evaluation.
JepException Super class of all Jep specific exceptions.
ParseException Exception thrown at parse time.

Package com.singularsys.jep Description

The main package containing the Jep class as well as other core classes.

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