Class NullWrappingOperatorTable

  extended by com.singularsys.jep.EmptyOperatorTable
      extended by com.singularsys.jep.OperatorTable2
          extended by com.singularsys.jep.misc.nullwrapper.NullWrappingOperatorTable
All Implemented Interfaces:
JepComponent, OperatorTableI,

public class NullWrappingOperatorTable
extends OperatorTable2

An operator table where the operators generally return null if either argument is null.

Richard Morris
See Also:
NullSafeEquals, Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
static class NullWrappingOperatorTable.NullWrapperOperators
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class com.singularsys.jep.OperatorTable2
OperatorTable2.BasicOperators, OperatorTable2.PsudoOperators, OperatorTable2.SpecialOperators
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class com.singularsys.jep.EmptyOperatorTable
Constructor Summary
NullWrappingOperatorTable(OperatorTable2 root, boolean hasNullSafeEquals)
          Create a new operator table which wraps all the existing operators in the original table.
Method Summary
protected  PostfixMathCommandI wrapSpecialOperators(EmptyOperatorTable.OperatorKey key, Operator op)
          Special handling for operators.
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getAdd, getAnd, getAssign, getCross, getDivide, getDot, getEle, getEQ, getGE, getGT, getLE, getList, getLT, getMod, getMultiply, getNE, getNop, getNot, getOr, getPower, getRange, getSubtract, getUDivide, getUMinus, getUPlus
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addOperator, addOperator, appendOperator, entrySet, getKey, getLightWeightInstance, getNumOps, getOperator, getOperators, getOperatorsByName, getOperatorsBySymbol, init, insertOperator, keySet, removeOperator, removeOperator, replaceOperator, replaceOperator, setBinaryInverseOp, setDistributiveOver, setInverseOp, setPrecedenceTable, setRootOp, setStandardOperatorRelations, toString
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Constructor Detail


public NullWrappingOperatorTable(OperatorTable2 root,
                                 boolean hasNullSafeEquals)
Create a new operator table which wraps all the existing operators in the original table. Calls wrapSpecialOperators or NullWrapperFunctionFactory to wrap the functions.

root - the original operator table
hasNullSafeEquals - if true adds a NullSafeEquals operator "<=>" to the table
Method Detail


protected PostfixMathCommandI wrapSpecialOperators(EmptyOperatorTable.OperatorKey key,
                                                   Operator op)
Special handling for operators. This method wraps subclasses may want to wrap further operators.

key -
op -
wrapped versions of special functions or null if no special handeling needed

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