Interface JepComponent

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
Evaluator, NumberFactory, OperatorTableI, Parser
All Known Implementing Classes:
BigDecFunctionTable, BigDecNumberFactory, BigDecOperatorTable, BitwiseOperatorTable, CaseInsensitiveFunctionTable, CaseInsensitiveVariableTable, ConfigurableParser, DeepCopyVisitor, DoNothingVisitor, DoubleNumberFactory, EmptyOperatorTable, ExpressionConsolidator, ExtendedOperatorSet, FastEvaluator, FunctionSet, FunctionTable, JavaOperatorTable, LineNumberingNodeFactory, MacroFunction, NodeFactory, NullParser, NullWrapperFunctionTable, NullWrappingOperatorTable, OperatorTable, OperatorTable2, PostfixEvaluator, PrintVisitor, RealEvaluator, StandardConfigurableParser, StandardEvaluator, StandardFunctionTable, StandardOperatorTable, StandardOperatorTable2, StandardParser, StandardVariableTable, StringFunctionSet, SubstitutionVisitor, VariableFactory, VariableTable

public interface JepComponent

Base interface for all Jep components (parsers, evaluators etc).

Richard Morris

Method Summary
 JepComponent getLightWeightInstance()
          Gets a light-weight instance suitable for using in multiple threads.
 void init(Jep jep)
          Initialize the component.

Method Detail


void init(Jep jep)
Initialize the component. This methods is called whenever a component is added to Jep. Hence it allows components to keep track of the other components they may rely on.

jep - the current Jep instance


JepComponent getLightWeightInstance()
Gets a light-weight instance suitable for using in multiple threads.

either an new instance, or 'this'.

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