Extensions Version History

Version 2.0 (released 2018/07/05)

Major re-release to match the Jep 3.5 release.

All packages moved to the com.singularsys.extensions and reworked to use the Jep 3 framework.

New packages


Incorporated in main jep release


In development

Version 1.1.1 (released 2007/04/25)

Version 1.1.0

New Features

Minor Improvments

Version 2.3.0 release (renamed to DJEP 1.0.0)

No major changes were made for the release.

Version 2.3.0 beta 1 - 12 April 2004 (formerly known as 2.3.2 beta)

This version now has a stable API an should be used in preference to earlier versions.

Main changes since 2.3.0a:

Features yet to come

A few new functions to be added, min, max, sgn, differentiation for if.
Vector and matrix functions: det, inverse, transpose ....
Faster evaluation, possibly based of a reverse polish type of evaluation scheme, eliminating as much object creation as possible.
Various conversion routines to other formats MathML etc.

Version 2.3.0 alpha - 28 Feb 2004 (formerly known as 2.3.1 alpha)

This is the third release of the package, released 28/Feb/04. I'm really just rushing this out as some people have been asking for documentation which is included here. Still more documentation to come. Also the code is still in a fairly mutable state and I still expect to move some things around so don't expect the the API to be stable. Hopefully it will just be the inner workings which change the main interface for users is nearly fixed. The most important changes in this package are

Version 2.3.0a - Jan 04

First release as an official part of JEP.

Added support for vectors and matrices.
Major reworking of differentiation, functionality now split into two packages org.lsmp.djep.xjep - printing, tree manipulation etc, and org.lsmp.djep.djep - differentiation.
Changed the org.nfunk.jep.SymbolTable class so the elements are now of type org.nfunk.jep.Variable rather than just its value. ASTVarNodes now refer to the variable object.
Several changes in exposed API for JEP.
Introduced an org.nfunk.jep.Operator and org.nfunk.jep.OperatorSet types which represent the basic +,-,*,/,etc operators. Eliminates the excess creation of one object for each instance of an operator.

Known bugs in version 2.3.0a

Several bugs are known in version 2.3.0a.

First release

The first release of the package was about September last year. It just included differentiation facilities. The package has had a major rework since then.