Binomial coefficients: binom(n,i).

Requires n,i integers >=0. Often written as nCi or column vector (n,i).

The following rules apply:

(n,0) = 1, (n,1) = n, (n,n-1) = n, (n,n) = 1

(n,i) = n! / ( i! (n-i)! )

Pascals triangle rule: (n,i) = (n-1,i-1) + (n-1,i)

Binomial theorem: (a+b)^n = sum (n,i) a^i b^(n-i), i=0..n.

For efficiency the binomial coefficients are stored in a static array.

Namespace:  SingularSys.Jep.Functions
Assembly:  Jep (in Jep.dll) Version: (1.0.0)


public class Binomial : PostfixMathCommand
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class Binomial _
	Inherits PostfixMathCommand
Visual C++
public ref class Binomial : public PostfixMathCommand

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