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The following constructors are for use by you for whatever purpose you can think of. Constructing the exception in this manner makes the exception behave in the normal way - i.e., as documented in the class "Throwable". The fields "errorToken", "expectedTokenSequences", and "tokenImage" do not contain relevant information. The JavaCC generated code does not use these constructors.
Initializes a new instance of the ParseException class
ParseException(Token, array<array<Int32>[]()[]>[]()[], array<String>[]()[])
This constructor is used by the method "generateParseException" in the generated parser. Calling this constructor generates a new object of this type with the fields "currentToken", "expectedTokenSequences", and "tokenImage" set. The boolean flag "specialConstructor" is also set to true to indicate that this constructor was used to create this object. This constructor calls its super class with the empty string to force the "toString" method of parent class "Throwable" to print the error message in the form: ParseException: [contents of Message property]

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