Class Description
Represents a complex number with double precision real and imaginary components. Includes complex arithmetic functions.

The two main sources of reference used for creating this class were:

  • "Numerical Recipes in C - The Art of Scientific Computing" (ISBN 0-521-43108-5) and
  • The org.netlib.math.complex package ( which was developed by Sandy Anderson and Priyantha Jayanetti (published under GPL).

Some of the arithmetic functions in this class are based on the mathematical equations given in the source of the netlib package. The functions were validated by comparing results with the netlib complex class.

It is important to note that the netlib complex package is more extensive and efficient (e.g. Garbage collector friendly) than this implementation. If high precision and efficiency if of necessity it is recommended to use the netlib package.

JepType should be JepNumber - should be "representable by double" or some name like that needs to have a DoubleValue() method have a sub-class JepDouble


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